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International Moth Hulls

Click to enlarge Our International Moth hulls have recently proved themselves to be the top performing hulls in the world, finishing 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th and 7th in the recent 2005 World Championships and 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the 2004 European Championships.

The hull is produced from a female mould using pre-preg carbon fibre and a 5mm foam core. This allows the hull to be cured at high temperatues using minimal resin, giving an extremely light and stiff construction, weighing approximately 9.5kgs once painted.

Coupled with our now famous hydrofoil kit, our boats are capable of reaching speeds of up to 25 knots but most importantly guarantee the most enjoyable sailing and racing experience you will ever have!


International Moth Hydrofoils

The current hydrofoil configuration we build for the International Moth is an inverted “T” style on each of the rudder and centreboard. The rudder foil has a trailing edge flap controlled by twisting the single tiller extension to operate a nylon worm type adjusting screw.

The centreboard foil also has a flap controlled automatically by a bow mounted sensor arm. Maximum lift when the boat is in the water with the flap automatically reducing the lift as the boat rises. This sets the flying height at about 30-40cm above the water.

Both the vertical foils are a moulded Parallel NACA 0012 (12%), with the centerboard actually raked forward to gain stability. Both the hydrofoil sections are the same NACA 63412 moulded pre-preg section produced by Fastacraft. The hinge within each trailing edge of the foil uses a thin laminate of Kevlar impregnated with a rubber like epoxy resin.

The 'Fastacraft' International Moth Hydrofoil kit includes:

  • Tee foiled centreboard with control rod and linkage
  • Tee foiled rudder with foil adjustment mechanism and tiller extension
  • Sensor arm and bracket
  • Sensor cable and end brackets
  • Carbon fibre transom outrigger
  • Foil adaptor kit includes parts and instruction to modify hulls for fitting the foils

Moulded carbon outrigger

Tiller with adjustable tiller extension

Moulded carbon bow fitting kit

Moulded carbon bow fitting kit with sensor cable
running back down the boat to the centerboard case

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