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Molded foils use only pre preg carbon fibre. These are the same materials used in aerospace and race cars like Indy car and Formula 1.

Pre preg simply means pre impregnated, so the carbon fibre materials used are supplied to us with the optimum quantity of resin already in the fibres. These resins are far superior to the kind of resins you can buy in your local marine shop and must be cured under pressure at elevated temperatures to achieve their properties.

Our custom foils use mostly light western red cedar timber for their core materials and a high quality epoxy resin system with the carbon fibre. Once the carbon fibre laminates are applied to the computer cut cores they are placed inside a vacuum bag to remove excess resin. A minimal resin content within the fibres achieves maximum strength.

The paint finishes are always a two part marine paint which retains good gloss and hardness for many years.

When required carbon parts can fully engineered for guaranteed performance.